Friday, August 28, 2015

Stress, Missed Quiz and a Rude Professor

So at my University you are required to take Old and New Testament courses. Last semester I took Old Testament and I did not do so well in it, and the professor in that class had some weird beliefs, But  I still passed.

Anyway, this year I am taking New Testament. So I am into my second week of classes and NT is only two day a week. On Tuesday morning after class ended, I walked up to my Professor and told him that I would not be in class Thursday morning. I had some family issues that need to be dealt with and that I was not at liberty to talk about what was going on when he asked what I needed to skip class. I told him I could come on Wednesday or Friday between 12-2, and he told me to come in on Friday at 12.

So I went to his office at 12 and told him I was there to take the quiz that I missed yesterday. He looked at me angerly and asked why I was not in class. I told him that I came up to him Tuesday after class and said I had family issues that needed to be resolved, and he replied with I vaguely remember that and proceeded to tell me that it was my responsibility to take the test and quizzes when they are scheduled. I said that I understood but that we had mutually agreed that it was okay for me to skip class on Thursday and take the quiz at 12 on Friday.
He then asked is I could come back at two which I told him that I had a class at that time then he asked if I could come back at one which I said I could.

It just makes me mad that he was so rude about it when we mutually agreed to a day and time.