Monday, August 3, 2015

College Starts Back in Two Weeks!

Well, my second year of college starts back in two weeks and am I excited about it? Yes and NO.

       No, because My roommate is driving me up a wall! At the beginning of summer, she texted me asking me to lie for her. Back in December she got the Harry Potter Books for Christmas from her friends in Canada (Whom her parents do not know about), and she bought the first four or five movies. I do not like Harry Potter! So when her parents found out about the Harry Potter stuff, she flat out told them that I gave them to her and then had the nerve to ask me to lie to her parents if they asked me. I was so mad that I tweeted "I do not like Harry Potter. Never have and never will. Sorry if this offends you, but it is my opinion." A couple of days after that she texted me saying she told her parents the truth.
       She just doesn't have respect for those around her. She stays up until the crack of dawn on her computer skyping her Canadian friends while I am trying to sleep. (I love Canadians do not get me wrong.) She leaves the T.V. on all night and talks on the phone while I am in the middle of writing papers. I do go to the library sometimes, but because I was homeschooled it is just easier for me to study in my room than in a library or a coffee shop.
        The school that I go to is a Christian school, and because it is they do not think it is enough to go to church on Sundays, so they decided to make the whole student body go to Chaple three times a week and they only give you eight skips a semester. If you miss more than eight times, you get suspended and get put on a "Chapel probation." I am not excited about that.
        I'll miss my best friend who I only got to see for two weeks before he left for a three-month mission trip. He did promise that we would have lunch when he gets back, so I am excited for that.
       I am also not excited because I do not have a car.
        Yes, because I am out of the house and in my space and my schedule. I do not have to take my sisters to their different outings and run to the store for mom. I do not have to tell my parents where I am going and what time I'll be back even though I am Twenty. My mom is not in my face shoving Christianity down my throat 24/7. I mean Christianity is not a bad thing, but I think I get enough of it from church and the CHRISTIAN school that I already go to.
            Where my school is located, is about an hour from my hometown, I am far enough away from home yet close enough to go home on the weekends if I please.
            I am excited to go back because of the friends I made there; that do not live in Kentucky. I cannot wait to hear about their summer and where they have been. Moreover, I cannot wait to share about mine.
             All in all, I am excited and not excited to go back to school like most college students. I am thinking about doing school online while working. Why? I like to work and earn money to pay off the ridiculous amounts of loans I have to pay back because a job on campus does not pay enough when you can only work two or three days a week while doing school.