Saturday, September 19, 2015

Disrespectful Roommate Causes Sleepless Nights

Weekends here at my school are hard because my university is located in the middle of minuscule town and by that I mean the only thing "fun" to do here is walk down to the dollar general.

Every weekend my roommate says she is going to go home, and I rejoice in that because that is the only time I can sleep with all of the lights off and the A/C on. You see my roommate apparently is afraid of the dark and likes the temperature set to 75 degrees, but you see she has not left but only once. I'M EXHAUSTED. I have not had a good nights sleep since summer ended. I am not doing so well in some of my classes, and I am getting sick.

This weekend she was supposed to go home for a wedding. She told me she was going to get up at five this morning and leave at six, well that did not happen. Instead, she hits snooze five times before finally turning off her damn alarm and going back to sleep and waking up at two in the afternoon. I am the type of person that if something goes "bump in the night" I'll wake up and won't go back to sleep.

My roommate will stay up late too and talk on Skype for hours. Sometimes she'll even start the damn video chatting after I fall asleep. I mean come on how self-centered is she?

She is not the only one that ruins my sleep, just the other night one of her friends comes banging on the door and it was not an emergency either this girl just wanted to talk!!! I was asleep!!!

Words of wisdom to you all that struggle with the same situation:

1. Ask them politely to take the Skype/phone call into the Hall
            -I tried this, and I hope it works for someone because it did not work for me.
2. Confront them and set boundaries
            -Also didn't work  for me
3. If  first two didn't work, find  a new roommate
            -I will be doing this.