Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Remember When

Remember when we all were smaller and always wished we be a little taller remember the days when we would sit and laugh for hours and always thought that we had super powers. We would sit and talk for hours on end about nothing just being with friends just being together.  

I always felt safe always accepted always having a place never being afraid never being alone always felt always loved felt I was home.  

Now life has changed and so have we. The way it was it can never be. Our lives have changed our paths set we might not even know it yet, but even if our lives have changed, I hope and pray we stay the same remembering the times we had and looking back I can be glad you've changed my life, and you've changed me. I cannot wait to see what we will be, and I know you all.  I know you are true, and I hope you know...

That I love you.

(A dear friend of mine sent this to me a couple of months ago after being away from each other for awhile.)