Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Finals Week!!!

It is that time of the semester again!

Everyone is busy studying at the library, in his or her rooms, or at the little coffee shop down the street. Your friends are hold-up somewhere trying to finish that paper that's due by five because they were too busy procrastinating by watching Netflix. While the rest are crying in a hole. You will not see some of your friends until the next final while you will not see others until next semester.

Everyone is stressed, tired, a little cranky and on edge. With Professors and Parents breathing down their necks wanting their college kids to make straight A's this time around, but most of them will only be passing their classes with D's and C's. Then you have those who will disappoint the family with that one little F. That one little F is now in your face letting you know that you failed and will have to take the class again basically telling you it will see you in Hell.

Professors go all out on these last exams. Adding things that weren't taught in class, but in that book that only a few cared to read. You realized now that you made a mistake, but its too late now because here comes the final.

History, Biochemistry, Advanced English, Piano this is just the start of it, you still have more tomorrow. APA Math, Spanish and maybe French yet somehow you wonder how you could put your car in a ditch. Finals are crazy this is true, and you wish you could get some help from Blue's Clues.

Dora cannot help, and Madeline cannot either, The History and Discovery channel did not give you much of a hand, but who cares because somehow Netflix seems like it has all the answers.

With Christmas break around the corner, some students are trying to decide if they can still see about the extra credit while some are planning for their flights. With your Family, your pets, and home in sight you wonder how much sleep you lost last night.

I hope you have a merry Christmas and a happy new year.

Trust me when I say "We all wish this week were over."