Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Our Christian Family of Six

Our Christian family of six includes four girls and two guys. We have our ups and downs, but we still love each other. Whether one of us is having a rough week or all of us, we talk it out one on one or in our group of six. God put us together as a family.

Starting with the oldest, kind and caring as he is, Clayton is the clown out of the six of us. No matter how hard you try to stay mad at him when he gets on your last nerves, it is just not possible. When you have a hard time, he’ll listen to you whether you want him to or not. Clayton is one who is happy all the time but when he is not running around or trying to make you laugh something is wrong. He’ll tell you what’s been going on when his ready but in the end you’ll end up hearing what happened. Clayton is also the one who will watch over the rest of us and make sure we do not do something stupid.

Jen is the second oldest in our little family. Beautiful, sweet and can easily embarrass herself we all love her just the way she is. She is the one who can turn a bad day into good and is always giving good advice to you when you are down. When she walks into church you can tell just by looking at her she has a passion for Christ that is stronger than the rest of us.

Jason the third oldest in the family. He is quiet at times but can be just as annoying as Clayton. He is the one you will have more in common with than anyone else in our little family. He’s there when you need him and when you don’t.  He’s probably the one who’s been through the most, but he still holds on to the word of God even when it doesn’t feel like God’s around. He’s an amazing photographer. He takes pictures of things that may seem like nothing but when they are printed the pictures tell a story.

I’m the fourth in the family of ours. I can be quiet or outgoing, but I am more outgoing at times. When I look at my “siblings”, I’m proud to have them around. When I see them smile I am happy inside but when they are hurting inside it makes me hurt and I am always there when they need me. When I have a bad week, I know when I see them it all changes, and I know I can count on one of them to listen.

Lisa sweet and beautiful is the fifth in the small family. She is the one who will be there when you want to talk. God has put her where she is in our family because he knew we needed her to make us laugh, share a silly joke or even to tell our story too. Whether at a church at the mall or even c-groups she will make you smile no matter whether you are happy or sad.

Now to the youngest member of the family of six. She is kind. She is gentle. She is Savannah. Another Godly person who makes everyone feel good; Savannah is someone who does not care what you look like, how you talk or even where you came from she will love you just the same. She is the one you can probably trust the most with your secrets or your past. You can tell The Holy Spirit defiantly lives inside her.

We are all different. God put us together because he knew we would need each other not because we are a group of teens trying to find friends but because we need a family of kids our age to hold each of us together. Whether good weeks, bad weeks or those weeks in between we stay healthy because we have each other to lean on in our little Christian family of six.